What I Believe Right Now

I believe that there is an order to the universe. I call it God, but not everyone does. Some call it Allah. Some call it karma. Some call it science.

I believe helping others is the most important action people can take.

I believe there is nothing more valuable than helping a child to grow.

I believe collaboration is more than a buzzword, it’s a basic tenet of society—and it’s constantly under attack from overzealous self-interest.

I believe self-interest is more than greed, it’s the primary function by which we care for ourselves and our families.

I believe that people crave shared experience and a sense of community—and that the world is always pushing us away from that connection through our efforts to meet those needs.

I believe self-actualization is a myth created by over-achievers who want the rest of us to feel inferior.

I believe in the power of media and the power of journalism. And I believe there are few things more dangerous than confusing the two. One of those things is an effort to define journalism.

I believe that’s a catch-22.

I believe that every new technology since the printing press has faced the exact same criticism, and that it’s all counter-productive stalling by self-anointed leaders unwilling or unable to adapt. I call this “the Gutenberg Principle.”

I believe numbers always tell the truth, and that people quoting numbers rarely do.