Let’s call it a new year

This weekend, my wife and I ripped apart the whole apartment. We’re redecorating, but we’re doing so much more than that. We are re-focusing and putting a new order in place. When we’re done, everything will have a place and we’ll have a lot less clutter to clean up (read: hide) when someone comes to visit. 

And I’m doing the same thing to my mind. 

I am ripping out and reordering everything from job expectations to the apps on my phone screen. Because I’ve been on the edge of discontent for too long and it’s time for a change. Everything has been fine, but I’m going to make it awesome. 

This is going to be my biggest year yet. 

Not necessarily 2015, but by this time next year.  I’m putting my energy into what matters most to me, and trying to let go of everything else. I’ve finally learned that I can’t be good at everything, and I’ve decided not to let that bother me anymore. 

I guess that’s my resolution. 

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